Sunday, March 11, 2012

Long weekends are the best!

Lily and Enzo at Uncle Shawn's game!! Lily loved the caterpillar gummies Mimi brought to the game!

I decided to take this last Friday off since I haven't taken a day off of work yet this school year! Much needed! Plus my dad had a conference tournament game on Friday at 2:00, so it worked out nicely that I conveniently took the day off! The Bruins lost, so their season ended a little sooner this year. Porter is getting so big!!
We went to my cousins game on Saturday. He had a double header, and then we drove out to Andy's little brother's games. He played three games on Saturday!!! They did really well.
Saturday we barbecued hamburgers at my parents, and made a fire. We roasted marshmallows! The weather has been beautiful (for Utah), so we decided to take advantage of it! This week is supposed to be warm and sunny all week! I am loving the nice weather. It makes training for my race so enjoyable. I put off my long run this weekend because the sun went down so fast on Saturday after the baseball games so tomorrow I'm excited to get out in the sunshine and break a bead!!!ha!! It was a lovely weekend, plus daylight savings makes summer feel that much closer! I love it!


  1. Oh my! How are you doing? I was so confused when I saw your post.. I didn't know an Erin and Andy lol I can't believe you are married! Its good to see that you are doing so well and happy!

  2. Yahooooo! I love when you blog! Love you!